Natural fruit juices: danger to health

Many people do not imagine that such a daily decision could affect their health, and that of their loved ones. And it is that many studies indicate that the consumption of natural fruit juices is associated with a greater risk of developing diabetes in the future . Although many people know the importance of a healthy diet in the prevention of diabetes mellitus (DM), a good number are unaware of the true bases on which this is founded. recommendation. Among many of these we find that, if we want to reduce sugar consumption, fruits must be eaten whole, not in the form of juices .

Liquid calories

Liquid calories (from sugary drinks like sodas, pasteurized juices, iced tea, and energy drinks) are the most dangerous. They don’t fill us up like solid food, so we trust ourselves and end up taking more than our body really needs . Additionally, consuming significant amounts of this type of drink favors a rapid entry of sugar into our blood.

This makes us activate very quickly, but the sensation is very short-lived. Additionally, we force our pancreas to produce exaggerated amounts of insulin to regulate the rise in blood glucose. In the long term, the abuse of this type of drink exhausts the organ, to the point of not being able to produce more insulin, seeing the person in need of injecting it. To this must be added the additional risks generated by this excessive consumption, by favoring the development of overweight and obesity.

The reason they attribute this relationship is that fruit juice, being in a liquid state, provides a high load of free sugar to the blood that produces the same response in the body as sugary drinks produce. And the problem is not the fruits themselves, but the processing that people give them. Since when they are blended, they break the fiber and release the food’s own sugar. Above, when straining it, the rest of the dietary fiber is eliminated, which is responsible for preventing fructose from entering the blood quickly.

Many people still believe that consuming natural fruit juices is better than drinking other sugary drinks. However, research shows that the calorie and sugar intake of these is similar to that of many other processed drinks . The consequences they have on altering blood glucose is similar for both types of drinks; it does not matter if it comes from natural fruit or from processed products. Of course, at least natural juices provide vitamins and minerals. But that extra of micronutrients is not enough argument to justify the consumption of this type of beverages .

Solution: shakes and smoothies

When blending and straining the fruit, we release the sugar that is inside it, making it become free sugar (just like that of a soft drink); losing one of the most valuable components of this food group, fiber. Let’s remember that fiber acts as a kind of ‘police’ in our intestine, regulating glucose absorption and preventing it from entering suddenly to blood .

The best solution is to resort to shakes or smoothies. The former take advantage of the whole piece of fruit, and mix it with vegetable milk or yogurt. And the seconds vary in that one of the pieces of fruit is previously frozen , generally the banana that, on top of it, gives it texture and natural sweetness, thus avoiding the use of white sugar. You can start with a smoothie as delicious as the one in the photo, and if you prefer it to be a normal smoothie, just don’t use frozen fruit:

  •  1 frozen banana
  •  10 raspberries
  •  A handful of natural hazelnuts
  •  100 g of watermelon
  •  1 tablespoon of chia seeds (add after mixing the rest of the ingredients)
  • Topping: chia seeds or a small spoonful of blackberry granola

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