Non-alcoholic cocktails for a naturally fun New Year’s Eve

What I like most about these holidays is enjoying with family and friends, but I am aware that many of these celebrations are accompanied by alcoholic beverages that invite excesses and lead to the dreaded hangovers.

If you are like me and you like to celebrate without having to suffer the consequences of the next day 😅, I propose four recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails –also called mocktails– healthy and that you can easily prepare. In addition, these options are excellent to offer to those who cannot or do not want to drink, but who do not want to miss the celebration.

Choose the ‘mocktails’ that best suit your health.

In case you don’t know, the word mocktail comes from the fusion of ‘mock’ (which means to imitate) and cocktail, becoming a simulation of cocktails; and they are advertised as more “healthy” and alcohol-free versions of the most premium cocktails. Its origin – but above all its rise – responds to the growing need to seek a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of these beverages are far from beneficial to health .

In order to deceive our palate, many ‘mocktails’ are added high amounts of processed sugars and juices (especially artificial, which they are even sweeter) being a sugar bomb for the body. What good is caring for our liver then if we are going to overload our pancreas?

But don’t worry I didn’t lie to you, I’m going to give you healthy and non-alcoholic cocktail options that, at making them with less processed raw material, guarantees a higher fiber content that will help control those sugar highs. This makes them a winning option for those guests who want to experience Christmas and its traditions while still taking care of themselves.

They are also very easy to make, you can take advantage of the fruits you have at home and sweeten them in a more natural way using honey or coconut sugar. They make about 4 or 5 glasses of each recipe, so let’s toast! 🍹

Cocktail 1 – Margarita Sunrise. The irresistible.

cócteles sin alcohol

A version of two classic cocktails, the margarita and the tequila sunrise, which due to their yellow and orange colors, will remind you of a beautiful sunrise.

With this mocktail you can take advantage of all the nutritional properties of citrus fruits, which are also digestive and diuretic , making it an excellent option to take after very heavy meals.

Ingredients Practical Measure Amount (g./ml.)
Lemon 1 unit 70 g.
Lima 2 units 120 g.
Orange 2 units 300 g.
Natural pineapple ¼ unit 250 g.
Honey 1 tablespoon 25 g.
Crushed ice 2 cups 300 g.
Sal 1 tablespoon 15 g.


  • Prepare the still life with all the ingredients;
  • Peel the lemon, one of the two limes and the two oranges. Make sure they are clean, without the white part and without the seeds, to avoid that they can give a bitter, unwanted touch to the cocktail;
  • Add the lemon, lime and two oranges, along with the pineapple, to a blender. Shred and mix. Then add the honey and the crushed ice and beat again;
  • Before serving and for a cocktail presentation, you can decorate the rim of the glass, first dipping it in the juice of half a lime and then soaking it in salt;
  • Finally, pour the mixture into the glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

Cocktail 2 – Hibiscus Mojito. The classic.

cócteles sin alcohol

A classic that could not stop making, the most popular Cuban cocktail around the world, the mojito. But to get out of the traditional a bit and try new and delicious things, I leave you the recipe for a hibiscus mojito

Hibiscus, also known as hibiscus flower or Jamaica flower, stands out for its striking red color and is usually sold dehydrated to prepare infusions, both hot and cold, which serve as the basis for many recipes. The property that I treasure the most about it is its antioxidant capacity, making it a plant known for its anti-aging property.

Ingredients Practical Measure Quantity (g./ml.)
For the hibiscus infusion
Hib flower isco ¼ Cup 15 g.
Water 2 cups 400 ml.
For the mojito
Mint leaves 13-16 sheets
Lima ½ unit 30 g.
Coconut sugar 2 tablespoons 30 g.
Crushed ice 1 Mug 153 g.
Sparkling water ¼ Cup 25 ml.


  • Prepare the still life with all the ingredients;
  • Start by preparing the hibiscus infusion, you can make it both hot and cold. If you choose to make it cold, put the water with the hibiscus flower in a jug and let it infuse in the fridge overnight; the next day, strain the flower and reserve. If you decide to do it hot, boil water and cook the hibiscus flower for 10 minutes, strain the infusion to remove the flower and let it cool. Regardless of the method used, you will get a transparent liquid with an intense red color;
  • Then put the mint leaves in a shaker together with the coconut sugar and the lime, and crush all the ingredients with the help of a mortar;
  • Add the hibiscus infusion and mix;
  • Then add the sparkling water and crushed ice and shake the shaker!
  • Serve the hibiscus mojito in a glass with crushed ice, and garnish with some mint leaves.

 Cocktail 3 – Mocktail detox. The box of surprises.

cócteles sin alcohol

A deep red cocktail – like Christmas 😊 – , With quality ingredients full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which also provide a good supply of fiber, making this cocktail a good digestive and diuretic option (hence its name).

Ingredients Practice Measure Quantity (g. / ml.)
Red apple 1 unit measure. 180 g.
Blueberries 1 Mug 200 g.
Pear 1 unit measure. 170 g.
Granada ½ unit 100 g.
Crushed ice 1 Mug 200 g.
Water ½ Glass 100 ml.


  • Prepare the still life with all the ingredients, and wash the fruit correctly;
  • Reserve a couple of apple wedges and some grains of pomegranate for decoration;
  • Add the apple, blueberries, pear, pomegranate, crushed ice and water to the blender and blend. Use the apple and the skin with the peel to increase the fiber and nutrient content;
  • Serve the mixture and garnish with the apple and pomegranate grains.

 Cocktail 4 – Mimosas from frozen grapes. The chic.

Serve the classic New Year’s Eve grapes in a different way using this simple, quick and original recipe. You will take advantage of the high antioxidant power of grapes while you share with your loved ones.

You will surprise not only for its flavor, but for its original presentation. Surely you decide to incorporate this mocktail as a new Christmas tradition .

Ingredients Practical Measure Quantity (g./ml .)
Seedless grapes ¼ cup 37.5 g.
Coconut sugar 1 tablespoon 15 g.
Sparkling water To taste


  • Prepare the still life with all the ingredients;
  • In an airtight plastic bag, place the grapes, slightly damp, along with the coconut sugar. Roll the bag! With this you will get the coconut sugar to stick;
  • Next, freeze the grapes. Trick! You can do it the day before or leave the grapes in the freezer for about 2 hours;
  • Once frozen, place the desired amount of grapes in a glass and fill it with a sufficient amount of sparkling water.

Don’t let the party end.

If the party goes on for a long time and you want your guests to have a snack so they can continue enjoying, here are some ideas for the perfect snacks to accompany your cocktails:

Before the end of the year, I want to congratulate you and encourage you to continue making those small daily changes that are the ones that will really help you live well, longer and better.

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