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Stress is a word that we hear more and more strongly. However, the ‘alert state’ that occurs in human beings under situations that are common to many of us ( moving, having children, new challenges …) is as old as […]

Every time we hear more people talking about Irritable Colon (IC), but beyond being a trend, the reality is that it is an increasingly common disorder worldwide. Despite this, ignorance of the symptoms and, above all, of the treatment of […]

The first thing to understand is that food is your ally, not your jailer . And while cholesterol has increasingly become a business for the medical and food industry, generating a wave of awareness about the importance of diet, it […]

Food is essential to strengthen our immune system. When our body is low on defenses, colds are recurrent or last longer than desired; even the flu keeps us in bed more days than usual, and fever also makes its presence […]

December has arrived, and with it the time to meet again and celebrate with family and friends. Moments in which food and drink will be the protagonists, and that will be characterized by long after-meals with sugary drinks, cocktails and […]