Collagen in food: beyond cosmetic use

Collagen is much more than a word that we hear in advertisements for some cosmetic products or as a central element of different aesthetic treatments. It is a fundamental protein of the body , in fact, it is the most abundant in the body and responsible for the good condition of skin, bones and tendons. The most important thing to keep in mind about collagen is that its presence naturally decreases over the years. It is estimated that it is at an early age, more or less from the thirties, when the body stops producing it naturally or the protein simply loses quality.

How to detect a lack of collagen

What are the consequences of collagen loss? There are several, some more visible, and others that are noticed the older a person is. If we lack collagen because we have stopped producing it over time or because we have a deficiency of any kind in our body, we will feel fatigue and weakness in the hair and nails . The deficiencies are also easily perceived in the aging of the skin, since it loses elasticity and firmness . Due to this, we will notice it flaccid and with more wrinkles .

Other symptoms are perhaps less easy to recognize as they can have multiple causes, but joint pain or some mobility difficulties are usually signs of a lack of collagen. If we think in the long term, this protein delays the loss of bone mass or the appearance of varicose veins. Therefore, it is directly related to diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and bone or muscle injuries. It can even cause lung discomfort because, although to a lesser extent, collagen is also present in the lungs.

Meat and fish: collagen allies

The saying “we are what we eat” is perfect to explain the natural contributions of collagen. Animals, like humans, have collagen in their body tissues. Certain parts of meat or fish, such as bones, bones, and skin, are a direct source. It is the fastest way to increase the levels of this protein, and healthy, since the origin is totally natural far from supplements in pill form.

Some of the most consumed meats, such as chicken, beef, beef or pork , They are a good choice in order to improve our collagen levels. The way of ingesting them influences the amount of collagen they provide us. In this sense, a soup of chicken feet, or a bone broth in the style of the paleo diet are perfect. And, of course, gelatin . Of course, it is advisable to avoid commercial gelatins full of sugar and preservatives. I recommend this recipe for chocolate jelly that, in addition to being delicious, will help our bones and tendons.

Pieces with many nerves or cartilage , such as pig’s ear, are an ideal option. Many people do not find them attractive due to their texture, but this may improve depending on the way they are cooked. The technique known as slow cooking -slow cook- can be a good option to take advantage of the benefits trapped in these cuts of meat as it improves its texture. And don’t forget the eggs! They contain most of the collagen in the shell, but it is also found in the yolk.

Along the same lines, fish can be used to make a broth with its bones. The best choice is blue fish, such as salmon, sardines, tuna, trout or anchovies. In addition, it is rich in omega 3: a type of healthy fat that helps keep our cholesterol at the proper levels.

Paprika, carrot, citrus, red fruits … it promotes collagen production!

Beyond the direct source of meat and fish, there are foods that help the natural production of collagen in our body. vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen. Paprika, carrots and yellow or red vegetables are rich in it. Also citrus fruits, kiwi, papaya, mango, or vegetables such as Brussels sprouts. nuts , in a prudent quantity, are also very complete for this task.

Batidora con los ingredientes kiwi, brocoli, aguacate, plátano y nueces de macadamia

And we must take into account two minerals that favor our body to generate collagen. On the one hand zinc. We can find it in sunflower seeds, or pumpkin and sesame seeds. And for another, the sulfur of garlic, kale, cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower . You can try this recipe , which is also very fashionable: a healthy green smoothie Broccoli, banana and walnut . Or a sweeter option for breakfast and a snack, such as bowls with dried fruit and fruit granules .

In short, collagen is essential for our life, especially as the years go by. Beyond its benefits in creams and other products that are applied to the skin or in different aesthetic treatments, we must internalize that its presence frees us from numerous ailments. Younger people should also take into account its properties, since a diet rich in collagen will make them feel stronger and will help prevent future complications.

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