Healthy shopping list, healthy life

Going to the store to make the purchase without having a list is a mistake that makes us succumb to marketing, which tempts us to put products in the cart more on impulse than necessity (cravings, offers…). This is a risk that you should not assume if you are looking to improve your lifestyle and achieve a healthy diet. A healthy shopping list will help you comply with the planned menu and thus have a varied and balanced diet. Plus, you’ll save time and money.

How to make a healthy shopping list?

For this, you must first plan the healthy menu . If you haven’t done it yet, I invite you to to put yourself on the task. This will help to ensure that the purchase quantities are as close to reality as possible, preventing any ingredient from being missing at the time of cooking, or from wasting food by not using all the purchased raw material.

Once you have your menu plan, start making the shopping list; yes, check what you have in the pantry or fridge in order to avoid buying more than you need. The list can be done on paper or on your mobile , and I recommend that you do not throw it away (or delete it) as it will serve as a backup for future purchases.

To save time, put together the shopping list by food groups (vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.) and sort them starting with those that do not need cold (oils, seeds, nuts, etc). Continue with perishables (vegetables and fruits), and leave those that need cold (meats, cheeses, yogurts) for last place. This will prevent some foods from breaking the cold chain, wasting time jumping from one end of the list to the other, or having to go around the store more to find a product.

When making the list of perishable foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, also take care of the frequency of purchase to avoid spoiling at home. Remember to buy seasonal products , and avoid adding ultra-processed or sugary foods on your list, these only keep you away from a healthy diet and balanced.

It is recommended that involve your children in this household chore. This advice is more powerful and useful than you think, because it helps these “little sponges” to learn to prepare a healthy and balanced meal from children, as well as to value more what they eat at home. In addition, having another member of the family help in the preparation of the shopping list will always be an excellent way to avoid forgetting any important food.

When putting together the list, take into account the means you are going to use to make the purchase bus or car? It may seem obvious, but there are cases in which this is not taken into consideration and you end up buying products in a quantity or format that is difficult to transport home. Remember at this point to be friendly with the environment, and use reusable cloth bags to make your purchases.

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