December has arrived, and with it the time to meet again and celebrate with family and friends. Moments in which food and drink will be the protagonists, and that will be characterized by long after-meals with sugary drinks, cocktails and […]

In the past, it was communicable diseases that plagued the world. With advances in science, these have been controlled and people’s life expectancy has increased. However, the aging of the population, together with an unhealthy lifestyle, has favored the relentless […]

Sleep is a basic need, so essential that if we don’t cover it we can die, but so daily that we often underestimate its importance. Many experts consider it almost as important as diet, mood and physical activity. In the […]

There is more and more talk about the importance of taking care of our intestinal microbiota, at the same time that there are more and more studies on this subject. It has a key influence on our health, and the […]